COMSTOR is a trusted leader in data backup and storage solutions. We specialize in solving information management challenges by saving you time, space and money while increasing organizational effectiveness. With over 23 years experience in enterprise level content management, COMSTOR offers affordable solutions for all of your document scanning, data archiving, and media storage needs. 

Start your conversion to “paperless” today with COMSTOR.

Cost Effective Document Scanning

Document scanning, also called document imaging, is a necessity to clear the paper jungle and keep your organization competitive. COMSTOR is a high quality, competitively priced service provider that will help you turn paper records into an electronic format. Businesses save space, time, and money by working with digital rather than paper records.  We can provide you electronic imaging by scanning your important paper documents in our service center, at your site or by setting you up with an in-house scanning and retrieval system. We have experience with all document types, sizes and conditions as we have digitized more than 20 million documents over the last 10 years.

Superior Quality Film Digitizing

Contact us at COMSTOR if your old film, fiche or aperture cards are deteriorating. Chances are, they are! Our state-of-the-art digitizing equipment produces high quality electronic images of your old film records. We provide rapid job turnaround with superior quality output and the best prices in the northwestern USA. If required, we can create your digitized output in PDF/A format which is the industry approved format for long term archiving. Contact us to arrange a free image quality test and to receive pricing information.

Reliable Media Storage & Archiving

In the event of system failure, fire or flood at your offices or malware attacks, you need a plan for speedy recovery of your important data. Let COMSTOR help you recover with our array of services and products designed to get you operating again. We offer off-site media storage in our vault; cloud back up options; fail safe data back-up hardware and even Computer Output Microfiche/film (COM) for archive reports. We can also help with data migration plans, retention scheduling and archival issues.

Stay competitive in our rapidly changing business environment. Start your conversion to “paperless” today with COMSTOR.

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