Document Scanning Services

Let COMSTOR Digitize Your Files!

Document scanning services, sometimes
called electronic imaging, is the most slide4cost effective way to get your paper records into an electronic format for storing and retrieving important information. You need to automate and go electronic soon to stay competitive in our rapidly changing business environment.

According to a recent AIIM study 87% of business processes are still all, or partially, paper based! This is an amazing statistic considering the current capabilities of off-the-shelf, business process oriented services and software available for today’s business and governmental organizations.

Stay competitive and “get digital” today with COMSTOR

Cost Effective Solutions

COMSTOR’s document scanning services can help you achieve a more efficient and productive operation now – with no capital investment. You can achieve space savings, labor savings, sharing of documents, inexpensive redundancy/back-up and regulatory compliance now! COMSTOR’s various scanning devices can handle almost any size document from standard business documents to large format maps and drawings. We can provide your electronic imaging needs by scanning your important paper documents in our service center, at your site, or by setting you up with an in-house scanning and retrieval system.

Affordable Pricing

Virtually every scan project has its own “personality” so costs will vary. Factors such as the amount of document preparation (get all those staples out); image resolution (dpi), bi-tonal, gray scale or color; complexity of the indexing; OCR or not; and other factors can affect the pricing. We look at every potential scan job before quoting a price and we often run tests of your sample documents before making our price proposal. There are two things that you can count on: COMSTOR’s price will be equal or better than any other you will find and you will be satisfied with our work.

On-site Projects for Sensitive Documents

COMSTOR has worked at the customer’s site to perform scanning projects many times.  Some paper based information must be digitized on-site due to such reasons as extreme confidentiality, high daily usage, environmental sensitivity of the documents, or all of the above!. Our production and system’s personnel work with you to establish a temporary scanning operation in your office and coordinate every aspect of the project with you to make it seamless – and fun actually.  COMSTOR can provide you with customer references for on-site projects we have done that have been anywhere from 3 days to one year in duration.

Been there, Done that

In the last 15 years we have serviced almost every industry and government entity and touched almost every area where paper files can be found. From medical records, property records, and student records to repair orders, work orders, photos, maps, and engineering drawings – we have been there in providing cost effective document scanning services.

We Do it All

COMSTOR will do it all from  processing to delivery. We pick-up and deliver (usually at no cost to you), prepare the documents for scanning, scan them, index them, QC the electronic records, re-prep if necessary (or store the old paper records for a small fee), and deliver or transmit the finished product to you. We provide scans from 200 to 600dpi; offer Tiff, JPEG, PDF or PDF/A formats; multiple index fields for rapid retrieval and optional full text OCR search capability. Check out our Glossary of Terms if any of these acronyms are new to you.

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