Film Digitizing Services

Bring Your Old Records into the 21st Century

COMSTOR offers a full range of film, fiche
and aperture card digitization options. slide2Give us a call or email to discuss the records that you are considering for conversion. We can provide a free test for you, so that you can evaluate the quality and ease of retrieval of your electronic records.

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Why digitize your old film, fiche or 35mm cards?

As physical media, your old film and fiche is deteriorating every day. Some of the earlier acetate based film can actually crack and crumble with age. Thus, saving your legacy information and historical data requires that it be digitized.

Once your film records are in a digital format, it is easy and fast to access from your PC or workstation.

Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Space savings, faster retrieval, simultaneous access by multiple users, internet access, enhanced indexing (including OCR for full text searches) and the ease of back-up to multiple sites are some of the key advantages of having your microfilm or microfiche scanned and converted. These benefits equate to dollar savings for your organization. In all reality, you can’t afford to not digitize your film and fiche records.

Our Experience Runs Deep

With over 10 years of experience with digital conversion of film, fiche and aperture cards, we have refined our processes to insure optimal quality at a very competitive price. In addition, we have digitized film based records for most industries, inlcuding governmental and educational entities. Here are a few of the applications that we have converted for our customers:

  • Student Records
  • Title/property transfer files
  • Medical HR records
  • Credit Unions/Financial
  • Geology/Mine Survey records
  • Newspapers
  • County Files
  • Personnel Records
  • Veterinary Records
  • City Records

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